Mauser (mauser) wrote,

"This little piggy had Roast Beef...."

One nice thing about having a meat slicer, you can slice meat with it. By that I mean, you can slice meat really thin, as opposed to say carving off thick hunks with a Chef's knife.

A week or so ago, I had the urge to have a roast beef sandwich, and it stayed with me for a while. So, the next time I went shopping, I picked up an Eye of Round roast, and was suddenly confronted with the fact that I'd never roasted a roast before, other than making pot roast in the Crock Pot. Fortunately, I have a Betty Crocker cookbook (although not one as fantastic as my Mom's old one), and the chapter on meat laid it out pretty simply - put it on a rack over a pan and roast it. I have a nice digital meat thermometer that can alarm at a certain temperature, And thus I stuck the roast in the oven at 325° and it took around an hour or so to get to an internal temperature of 135°, at which point I pulled it out, wrapped it in foil, and let it "coast" to 140°. Except it overshot, so the next time I stopped at 130°, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

It's been a while since I baked bread, but I had some hamburger buns in the pantry, and so, equipped with fresh roast beef, sliced thinly, a bun, and some mustard, I satisfied that Roast Beef Sandwich urge. Over and over until I ran out of beef and buns.

This week I made another roast, although this time I liberally coated the roast with my favorite spice blend, McCormick "Montreal Steak". And fresh after "resting" in foil, the smell was so tempting, I first sliced off a big hunk to eat plain. It was exquisite. Seriously, it was a foodgasm. I had to cut the other end off the roast and eat that too, it was so good.

Tonight, I took the remaining two thirds of that roast and put it in the freezer long enough to firm it up for slicing, and rendered it lunchmeat. Hamburger buns were procured, and I repeated the meal, and now I'm a happy Mauser.

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