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Price increase

In a discussion on a writer's blog I participate on, Sarah Hoyt (yes, THAT Sarah Hoyt) said to me:

If it's 14k words put it at 2.99 or I'll come through the screen and beat you.
Also, write the next one. It's the best way to raise your sales.
I'm not quite sure I have that kind of confidence, but the discussion pointed out that the .99 cent price point is considered the bottom of the barrel. Sure, some people buy there, but I'm only getting one or two a month.

So I said I'd do it, but that I'd run an experiment, bumping it up 50 cents at a time every couple of months to see what it does.

So the Kiwi ebook is now $1.49, or the equivalent in other currencies. Find it here: Kiwi Get it within the next two months if you want to beat the next hike.

And remember, you don't NEED a Kindle to read eBooks, Amazon has free reader programs for virtually every platform, and free cloud storage of your books.

As for the next thing, I just finished the first draft of my entry into the Baen Fantasy short story contest. I have another month before the deadline to futz around with it, but I am very pleased. I don't expect to win, considering some of the heavy-hitters who have mentioned they are doing it too, but hey, once it's over in August, I'll have a new story all ready to post.

(p.s. I've got a line-numbered PDF available for beta-readers, as long as you're not involved in the contest at all).

(Update: I gave up on the idea and went back to 99 cents)
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