Mauser (mauser) wrote,

End of a chapter for a sad, disgusting creature

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Above link isn't working. Don't know if it was taken down or what. And I don't believe his caretakers didn't know, because his mother and his sister went to a great deal of trouble to hide their contact information over the last year when (I suspect) people started to contact them about his behavior.

So apparently he is mental. Wonder what caused it? I thought he had graduated college?
It doesn't totally surprise me that he's handicapped in some way, because there is a mismatch between his vocabulary level and his cognitive organization. He uses the sort of words you'd expect a genius to employ, but garbled into logic salad -- not "word salad" as his statements actually mean something -- just nothing logically following the statements to which they are responses.
has anyone tried to track down the case statement, or whatever filing it is that the police did? I'm kind of curious as to what his mental issue is, if they recorded it that is.
Not that I know of. without an actual arrest, I'm not sure if a public record exists yet.
Cut and paste failure. I left the l off the end. Should be fixed now.