Mauser (mauser) wrote,

Fear Itself

It's fear. The Democrats taught all their followers to fear. And then they promised to take the fear away, all they have to do is vote for them and everything will be okay. They taught the gays to fear, and the women to fear, and all the other little special snowflakes to fear, and now, well, they're afraid, because they never listened to anyone else tell them that they actually had nothing to fear.

For the Democrats, Fear is their stock in trade. Vote for us or the Republicans will take away your health care. Vote for us or the Republicans will take away the one you love. Vote for us or the Republicans will hunt you down in the streets with their evil black guns. Vote for us or the Republicans will stop you from having all the sex we brought you (Here's a condom to show you how much we care). Vote for us or the Republicans will force you to bear Children. (Those terrible parasites! We'll cure you of that). Vote for us or the Republicans will take away the drugs you need to feel good about yourself again.

So, once they've got you good and terrified of anyone being in charge but them, and you obediently do what they say, like a beaten wife, they disappoint you again and again. They don't actually give you the things they've promised you. But you're too terrified to turn anywhere else. They don't have to deliver on their promises. They don't need to. You've given them all the power they need over you, and they can go on abusing that power, granting one another favors, and extracting more and more money and power from the people for their own enrichment.

But now, they've failed. And their victims are left with nothing but the fear they've been filled with to the brim, and so they're lashing out. But it's all so stupidly unnecessary. All they really need to do is listen, open their eyes, and see that they've been lied to all this time. The Republicans don't hate them. All that fear is an illusion forced on them by the Democrats. It may take a while to get over it, but really, you should. We'll wait for you in the real world, where yes, there are things to fear, but not nearly as much as you've been told. And we'll show you how to take care of those things yourself.
Tags: politics
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