Dr. Mauser's Pizza

Dr. Mauser's Pizza:
.250 oz yeast
1 lb flour
1 tablespoon sugar
1 teaspoon salt
2 tablespoons olive oil
1.25 cups hot water
corn meal, additional flour, additional olive oil. Pizza Toppings.

Tools: Mixer with bread hook, medium mixing bowl, plastic wrap, scale, rolling pin, 2 quart storage bowls (optional), pizza stone, pizza peel, pizza cutter.

Add sugar and hot water to mixer bowl, stir briefly to dissolve.
Add Yeast to mixing bowl, stir briefly to dissolve.
Add all the flour, and the salt to the mixing bowl. Set the mixer running. Add olive oil. Run mixer until dough comes together, scrape the sides of the bowl if necessary.
Turn dough out onto floured counter, kneed briefly.
Oil medium mixing bowl. Ball up the dough. Roll it around in the bowl until the exterior is oiled. Cover bowl with plastic wrap and allow dough to rise for 1 hour.
Turn dough out onto floured counter again. Kneed briefly (Don't want to build up too much tension in the gluten if you're going to start immediately making crusts).
Using scale, divide dough into three equal portions for thin crusts, in half for thick. Should be around 9-10 ounces for three crusts.
If saving the dough for later, oil up the tupperware bowls, put a portion of the dough in each, and store in the fridge. Should be good for a couple of days.
Pre-heat oven with pizza stone to 500 degrees. If prepping sausage, start that too.
Round up the third portion. Re-flour the counter. Press the dough flat with hands, then with rolling pin to get major bubbles out, especially from the edges. Roll out until disk is properly sized for the peel and your oven/stone. Add flour and spread with your hand to prevent sticking and flip the dough. If it resists rolling out, give it a break for a few minutes. Tend to the sausage if you're frying any.
Liberally sprinkle peel with corn meal. Transfer crust to the peel. Shake the peel to make sure the crust slides freely.
Apply toppings to pizza. Occasionally shake the peel to make sure nothing's sticking.
Slide pizza from the peel onto the stone. (Shake the peel until the edge of the pizza is on the stone in the back of the oven, and in a series of jerks, slide the peel out from under the pizza.)
Thin crust at 500 degrees should take about 8 minutes.
Remove pizza from stone with peel.
Let cool briefly so the cheese stays cut when you slice it.
Serve and enjoy.


Suddenly a burst of activity in my friend's feed. it's like people are suddenly rediscovering LJ. Weird that it takes a Russian owned company to have a site with less censorship than the leading American social media sites.

(although for a moment there I was looking at what seemed to be a friends of friends feed. Not sure how to get back to that.)

(Also weird that all my replies seem to be screened. I don't recall setting that.)

New Year's Post 2021

Going over the resolutions:

Write more: While still not up to my desires on my own projects, I DID sell a story to Chris Kennedy for "Gates of Hell". So Yeah, I actually did some writing I got paid for for the first time ever. This is a good thing. I'm ready for my Campbell award! Oh, right, they don't have that one any more. No thanks, I don't want the Woke version.

Get my comic collection under control: Absolutely nothing done in that regard. Catching up the database is just not happening. I'd be happier to actually READ more of what I've been buying. So perhaps this year is about tackling the To Read stacks (yes, plural, many plural.)

Shoot more. I did go out a couple of times. The steel targets made it a lot more fun, and the Rossi R-92 was a blast. My main concentration was on Reloading, although the Primer Shortage has put a crimp on that. Threw a ton of money at Midway on supplies, although at the end of the year I found out I'd been shorted on some stuff, and their online customer services was "It's been over 90 days, Suck it" but when I sent them snail mail, they actually took care of it. Hopefully the online hacks have been sacked.

BP is still all over the place. Still getting PVCs too. This was a really bad year for my weight. Back in March I even hit 225, but I really put it on in November and December, getting well into the 240's. My morning weight on the 31st was 238.3 (Although it was 237.3 the day before, but that's weaselly).

Financially, I'm in personal record territory. But my next goal is to kill the mortgage. Will probably take, I'm guessing two years, before the savings going up and the balance coming down intersect with some cash left over. I'm targeting $100K. Unless Biden fucks over the tax reform Trump put in where the Standard deduction is greater than my itemized deductions, there's no tax benefit to carrying a mortgage, and owning the title to my home is security you can't beat.

New Business: Clean up the whole damned house. I had gotten a start on the shop when I turned left and started loading up the ammo. But I've been confronted by just how dirty the less accessible parts of the house (Behind the TV, etc.) are thanks to cats throwing up there. I've been neglecting proper housekeeping for too long, and the junk is building up. My lawn really suffered this year too. (What's funny is I told the renters next door how to handle theirs, and they did a really good job, so it's a total reversal.)

With the new 3D Printer, the comment I'd made about the Rolling Ball Sculpture design has taken a new twist. Even now I'm teaching myself FreeCAD and designing a few parts that I originally had in mind for doing with wood.

Photobucket Relents!

I was looking through my old Cooking topic posts to double check on a recipe (Veggie Stew), and I noticed something. All my pictures were back. It was a couple years ago the PhotoBucket decided to take everyone's embedded pictures hostage to try to force them to pay for their service. They even made it so people couldn't look at your online Gallery without at least getting an account.

You can imagine how well that extortion went. I figured few enough people see these things to warrant getting new hosting and editing all the links. But I didn't go through and delete the whole account either.

Now, magically, they are all back (and if embedded, they don't show a watermark, but if you open the image in a new tab, they do. Interesting.

I never got any kind of announcement about this.