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Poor Hezbollah!

I made the mistake of switching to CNN for a bit, and suddenly it was overwhelming just how biased against Israel the media really is. You could start with how worried they were about damage from the precisely guided Israeli artillery, but completely glossed over the death and totally random, uncontrolled destruction from the hundreds of Rockets they've fired southward.

Most disgusting was watching Anderson Cooper at a fire base trying, repeatedly, to guilt trip the one english-speaking officer there over the possibility that one of their precisely targeted shells might, just might "Kill a six year old boy." Something about that phrase must have been meant to trigger something, because he used it several times. All this concern about the POTENTIAL to harm an innocent when at the exact same time, two little boys playing in the street got blown to bits by a rocket. A rocket so indiscriminate that it happened to land in an Arab neighborhood. Hezbollah doesn't care about killing fellow Arabs in the effort to kill a few more Jews.

I mean, forget that Israel ended its occupation a couple of years ago. Forget that ever since then Hezbollah has been lobbing rockets into Israel and killing innocent civilians. Forget that this particular conflict was started when Hezbollah crossed the border into Israel specifically to kidnap two soldiers (killing another 8 in the process) just to try to extort the release of hundreds of their fellow thugs from the jails they belong in. And what does that exchange rate say about the value they place on their lives? Forget all that. Israel is the bad guy.

And now, the big story on CNN? The "Humanitarian Crisis", which is, of course, all Israel's fault. It has nothing to do with Hezbollah launching its attacks from within civilian neighborhoods or building its headquarters under apartment blocks, or the way they try to keep the population trapped in the area as human shields. They do this, of course, because they think their opponents value human life far more than they do.
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