Mauser (mauser) wrote,

Photobucket Relents!

I was looking through my old Cooking topic posts to double check on a recipe (Veggie Stew), and I noticed something. All my pictures were back. It was a couple years ago the PhotoBucket decided to take everyone's embedded pictures hostage to try to force them to pay for their service. They even made it so people couldn't look at your online Gallery without at least getting an account.

You can imagine how well that extortion went. I figured few enough people see these things to warrant getting new hosting and editing all the links. But I didn't go through and delete the whole account either.

Now, magically, they are all back (and if embedded, they don't show a watermark, but if you open the image in a new tab, they do. Interesting.

I never got any kind of announcement about this.

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